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Integrated and team-driven solutions for the world of modular construction.

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We bring 25 years+ of integrated modular construction services. Our highly experienced, safety-driven, responsive and professional team is eager to embrace your needs, form strategic plans, and enhance the modular building experience with solution driven results.

Modular Building Contractor
DSA Classroom Installation/Relocation


Office Trailers/Modular Buildings Transport
Decks and ADA Ramps
Special Projects and Services
Re-leveling/Foundation Replacement

The Modular Construction Solution, Since 1993

CA Contractors License #680131  – B & C47
PWCR 100000387  |  SB(Micro)  #49475  |  City of SD SLBE #17DR1687

Celebrating 25+ Years In Business!

Turn-Key Modular Contracting For:  Federal, State and Local Governments, Colleges and Universities, Public School Districts, Private Schools, Commercial Entities, General Contractors, and the Private Sector.

Modular Construction:  Installation, Dismantle, Transport, Demo, Modifications/Remodel/Refurbish, Foundations/Re-leveling, Seismic Retrofits, Decks/Steps/ADA Ramps, Special Projects, and Crane Jobs.

All Types of Modular Buildings:  Relocatable classrooms and buildings, field office trailers, mobile offices, portable classrooms, construction trailers, restroom trailers, pre-fabricated buildings, modular kitchens, medical clinics/MRI stations, guard shacks, tiny homes and sheds.

DRV Modular Contractors, Inc. is located in the San Diego area and are pleased to serve the entire Golden State of California.  Our service areas include, but are not limited to, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Imperial, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Inyo/Kern Counties.

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The Modular Construction Solution

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